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Denver Comic Con 2013

Last Saturday, i went to Denver Comic Con 2013 ( at the Colorado Convention Center! It was a 3-day fan event featuring TV shows, movies, Japanese anime, gaming, cosplay, comic books, etc. I went to so many mini conventions organized in Thailand but this is my first time for a full scale Comic Con in the US. The tickets were 25 USD each for Saturday only. I bought them online as i wanted to make sure that i got them in advance. Before entering the event hall, I had to get in line and traded the ticket with a badge.

Tickets Badge

There were so many panel sessions and interesting guests. The highlight of the day was Mr. George Takei, the actor best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek. My hubby and i didn’t attend the session because there were too many people and it also required a special wristband to join. We saw many varieties of cosplaying range from Sailor Moon and Superheros to the Game of Thrones. I like the one from Umbrella Corporation, very professional! The cosplays were interesting but what interested me the most is artists’ booths. Most of them were western comic style and sold their prints. I found myself looking for illustration books for references but couldn’t find them anywhere, except for one artist, Stephanie Kao ( I really like her works but there were all computer arts, so i decided not to buy her book. I was about to buy a print from Steam Crow ( but they didn’t have the design i like in postcard size. After spent several hours there, we finally got tired and went home. I got 9 copic markers, Emperor Palpatine Lego keychain, Tokidoki’s skeleton cat figure, and Katie Cook’s Star Wars Cat poster (

Umbrella Corporation Damage

Overall, i did enjoyed myself at the Comic Con. I think that i would enjoy it more, if it will include more Japanese anime that i’m familiar with. Anyway, it was a good experience! Although this event in Colorado is not the biggest one in the US, i think it was worth going to. I hope i will have a chance to explore some of the bigger one like in San Diago or New York in the near future! 🙂



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