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My Top 10 Mobile Apps

Nowadays, smartphones are commonly use around the world. I got my first smartphone in 2007, the PDA phone “HTC Touch”. It ran Window Mobile operation system which was a bit slow but worked quite well. I really love it! Then, i got my hands on the 1st generation iPhone and i’ve been used iPhone series ever since. Later, i replaced the first iPhone with White iPhone 3GS and Blackberry Bold 9700. Now, i’m using Black iPhone 4S and sharing iPad 2 with my hubby. Apart from IOS devices, i also own one android tablet and i like it very much. I bought the 7″ tablet Nexus 7 from Google last year. It rans stock Android Jelly Bean which is very easy to upgrade. I mainly use it to check email, web surfing, and ebook reading. With Bluetooth keyboard, i can easily write a blog or take a note  anywhere. Very convenient indeed! 😉

Working station

I would like to share my mobile applications that i use on a regular basis. I use some of them on both of my devices. Here are my top 10 mobile applications.

1. Evernote (Free, Available for both IOS and Android as well as Windows and Mac)

I love this app so much because it will sync my notes on every devices (iPhone, Nexus 7 and MacBook Pro). I can create as many notes and notebooks as i want. Apart from note taking, i use it to draft my first book. When working outside without internet access, sometime my notes won’t sync properly. When conflicts occurred, the app will notify me about them. So, i can fix them accordingly. Anyway, this problem can be fixed with Go Premium subscription which will allow you to use your notes offline.

2. Wunderlist (Free, Available for both IOS and Android as well as Windows and Mac)

In my opinion, this one is the best To-Do list app! It will sync across my devices like Evernote. I can make different lists like Private, Work, Shopping, Wishlist, Movie to Watch, etc. The interface has a nice and clean look which make it very easy to use. The advantage is i can share some of my lists with other people. For example, i shared shopping list with my hubby so that he knows what to buy from supermarket. The Pro subscription is available to upgrade but i don’t think it is necessary at all.

3. Flipboard (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

I use this app everyday to read almost everything, started from Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, RSS feeds, and so on. It has a nice magazine like interface. Since Google Reader is going down, i replaced it with Flipboard and it works well. Btw, i found that adding a feed is a bit difficult because i need to use its search function and type in the right url in order to find the right feed. This is a time-consuming process but once i’m done, it’s good! This app works better on larger screen devices like iPads or Android tablets.

4. Instagram (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

I usually read my Instagram feed on Flipboard but i still need the actual app to post photos. Living abroad away from my friends and family, Instagram is the best way to share my life with them as i’m not an active facebook user. The downside of this app is you can sometime get unwanted followers, if you didn’t make your account private. Anyway, i also use it to show my artworks by tag them and i’m very proud when i received positive comments from another artists. 🙂

5. Pocket (Free, Available for both IOS and Android as well as Windows and Mac)

Pocket or formerly Read-It-Later is a great app for offline webpages reading. I installed its add-on to my main browser, Google Chrome. When i saw pages i want to read or save for later, i can press Pocket button on the right corner of the browser and it will save the page on my Pocket account. I mostly use it to save recipes and articles from online magazines and newspapers. Once i’m done with the articles, i can just delete them easily. It will sync all across my devices including online web-access Pocket account.

6. GoodReader (4.99 USD, Available for IOS only)

This one is the best pdf reader. It can also read several file formats includes MS Office, iWork, high resolution image, etc. I used it all the time, when i was using the iPad 2. It is fast, responsive and pretty slick. Zooming in and out is great. I like that i can crop pdf page to fit the screen. File transferring is as easy as ever. I can use my computer to access GoodReader folder directly, then drag and drop files into it. The only disadvantage is that it’s not an ebook reader! It cannot read ePub or Mobi formet.

7. Aldiko (Free, Available for Android only)

After returned the iPad 2 to my hubby, i switched my main ebook reader to the Nexus 7. It rans Android, so iBook and GoodReader are not available. I finally found the ebook reader app for it. Aldiko is free and comes with its own store where i can buy books online. Instead of getting books from the store, i usually upload my own ebooks into it using Google Drive. I like its interface pretty well but it can be slow and delay sometime. It doesn’t support Mobi format. (I use “Moon+ Reader” for Mobi files.)

8. Saver ~ Control your Expenses (4.99 USD, Available for IOS only)

I use Saver to keep track of my daily expenses. After i paid for something, all i have to do is added the expense by selected the category and entered the amount. When i get home, i can open the app and record my expenses in my excel file. Before i have this app, i used to collect every single bills and receipts so that i can remember what i paid at the end of the day. Without excel file, i have a broad idea of my weekly/monthly/yearly spending in pie charts. Btw, it doesn’t deal with income of any kind.

9. 1Weather (Free, Available for Android only)

Given the season change period in Denver, it’s hard to pick the right cloths because the weather is very swing. So, i have to check the weather before getting ready to go out. I found that 1Weather is perfect for that. It gives hourly weather forecast for the whole day. I like that it has severe weather warning notification for my current location. The temperature gap graph is nice. The free version has ads tap at the bottom which it doesn’t bother me at all as the non-ads version requires 1.99 USD to upgrade.

10. Yelp (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

As i’ve just moved to Denver for only 3 months, i use Yelp all the time when looking for shops. I found it more accelerate to use on iPhone (with location service) then on its website. Every time i want the direction to the place, i really don’t like that it will send me directly to the default Apple Maps instead of the preferable Google Maps. 😦  Anyway, i tend to copy and paste the address to Google Maps if i needed. The best thing is it shows operating hours and even tell me that the shop is currently open or not.

In addition to the list above, there are several apps that i like personally and use them from time to time.

11. Copic Collection (Free, Available for IOS only)

This is an official app from Copic Markers recently released in May 2013. It’s the best way to keep track of my copic collection as i have more than 150 markers and refills. Formerly, i used and i need internet access to use it. The interface is cool and easy to check your stock. I love that it shows the name of the color as well as the code. Adding new markers to the collection is convenient as i can add the whole set of markers at once. There is no need to add them one by one unless i bought them separately.

12. Happy Street (Free, Available for both IOS and Android as well as Mac)

Happy Street is the only mobile phone game that i play regularly since September last year. It is very simple and cute. All i have to do is create my street with houses and shops. Those buildings are needed to be upgrade with resources earned from the street itself. There are some special buildings that sometime it can be obnoxious to upgrade (like the museum for example). The in-app purchases are available for impatient players but, in general, there is not need to buy anything with real money here. That’s why i like it!



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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Mobile Apps

  1. Is there a good replacement for ComicZeal for android? That’s just about the only thing I use my ipad for these days.

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