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Cabinets of Wonder

With Netflix subscription, i has been watching so many shows from Discovery Channel such as How It’s Made, Mythbusters, and Oddities. “Oddities” is very fascinating show ever! Although i’m used to see my dad’s old medical equipments and skull at home, some stuff in this show still surprise me. I never thought that people will collect and keep those weird things for real! I like some of them but I still don’t think i want to keep them in my house. Anyway, i was burning with curiosity. I looked up online and found this book, Cabinets of Wonder. So, i decided to order it off When i received the package, the book is actually bigger than i thought it would be! It came with A4 size and hard-binded red cover, very beautifully printed. I was thinking about check it out and return it if i don’t like. I guess i will add this book to my collection!

Mermaid Exploded skull

Here are items that i like from the book, a manmade Chimera or Mermaid and exploded human skull! Apart from very impressive photos of oddities, it also explains history of this tradition and types of objects collected. I think my dad might has some of those stuff at his clinic. He keeps many things from medical school where he attended in Germany. He used to display human skull and poster of full body skeleton in his diagnostic room. He also has old microscope and tissue slides in old box (similar to Dexter’s trophy case) that he used them to teach me about disease and biology. 🙂 Today, i’ve just got my first oddity from my hubby. Please say hello to my new funny friend, “Scruffy” the Jackalope! I think he was a jack rabbit before he became a jackalope. I really like him. 😀

Cabinets of Wonder Jackalope

Cabinets of Wonder

Author: Christine Davenne

Photographer: Christine Fleurent

Hardcover: 232 pages

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams (2012)

Language: English



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