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“Memories” are something i like to keep, both happy and sad one. They remind me of my life. I actually keep them in two different ways. For bad memories, i wrote them in my diaries and never read them again. As for good memories, i like to put them in my scrapbooks. My scrapbooking method is very simple. I collect objects from any places i visited or things i bought, such as business cards, tags, receipts, movie tickets, boarding passes, etc. I simply sticked them in a black notebook and stamped the date. As mush as i like fancy scrapbooks in Matha Stewart website, i prefer to use simple tools like black notebook, double-sided tape, tissue tape, and date stamp.

Scrapbook tools

For this year, i’m using a pretty cheap blank notebook with brown paper. I wrote “2013” on its cover with blank ink. Here are some sample of pages inside.

Scrapbook 2013

There are bookmark, movie tickets, paper saucers, chopstick envelopes, business cards, boarding passes, postcard, tags, and hand-carved stamp i made. I sticked them and placed date stamps. I also do separate one for a trip abroad. I have tons of scrapbooks like this one in my memory box. At the end of each year, i will go to a stationary store and pick up a notebook for next year. I will do the same before i take a trip somewhere. This way, i will have unique scrapbooks to remind me of my happy life every time i look at them. 🙂 With my simple method, memory keeping is as easy as ever. Happy Scrapbooking everyone!



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