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My Hand-carved Stamps

Apart from drawing and painting, i also like to carve stamps. Hand-carved eraser stamping is very popular in Japan and Asia, including Thailand. Mizutama ( and Geninne Zlatkis ( are my favorite artists. Eraser stamps carving is fun and easy! Here are my tools which includes art knives, cutter, Speedball lino cutter, kneadable eraser, cutting mat, tracing paper, Speedball lino sheets, stamp cleaner and several ink pads.

Stamps carving tools

When i was in Thailand, I used cheap erasers that available in a supermarket for practice and Japanese eraser block made specific for carving from Seed ( for more detail works. I usually design my own stamps but sometime i also uses designs from anime and cartoon i like. Here are some example of my stamps.

IMG_2566 IMG_2577 IMG_2589 IMG_3861 IMG_3926 IMG_5363

Now i’m here in the US and it is difficult to find any of those erasers. So, i have to go with Speedball ( linoleum block instead! After trying it out, i think it is a very good material to work with! It’s not to soft or too hard and easy to cut. Here is my first stamp using 4″ x 6″ postcard size lino sheet and this one will be a birthday gift for my best friend in Thailand! 🙂 The “G” stands for “Grace”, this one i made for my cousin in Portland, Oregon!

Aokise Grace

Here are some portrait stamps i made for my hubby and my friend as a wedding gift.

My Hubby & Me Wedding Gift



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