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My Watercolours

I love to sketch and draw but colouring is the most painful process for me! I have to say that i’m not very good at colouring with any kind of medias but what i mainly use are markers. As an impatient person like me, markers is easy to control and blend. However, i like the look of watercolours! As much as i want to use watercolours, i feel that this media is too flexible and hard to control (as it’s water after all). Anyway, it doesn’t stop me from trying and here are my “Winser & Newton Cotman Water Colours Paining Plus 24 Half Pans”, a basic set of 6 brushes from Princeton Art & Brush Co., and Self-moistening Art Brush from Sakura. I also got Watercolour Postcards and Canson Watercolour paper. The rest is to practice, practice and practice!

Watercolour Set

I never actually learn how to use watercolours, except in junior high school art class long time ago. The last time i really used it was when i attended fashion drawing class back in 2008. Here is my first watercolour artwork after 5 years! I was trying to draw the official state flower of Colorado, the “Blue Columbine”. (I want to tell you just in case you can’t tell what it is.)

Blue Columbine

After my first try, i think the key to success is to be very patient. I was forced to plan how to colour from ligt to dark. I had to wait for the water to dry before i continue working on that area. OMG, I just couldn’t stand the wait. So, you know what… i’m going to use a hair dryer next time i have to work with watercolours!

“Keep Calm and Paint On”



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