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My Copic Markers

I love to draw, although i’m not very good at it. I think every kids in kindergarten learn how to draw but most of them stop drawing when they are older. I believe that everybody can draw but you just stop practicing it. So, i’m one of the kids who didn’t stop that’s all and i think i will never stop. 🙂 As much as i love traditional painting methods like watercolour or oil but i usually color my work with Copic markers. Copic marker is alcohol based with replaceable Super Brush and Medium Broad nib and also refillable. I found that it’s easier to control than watercolour. (I really sucks at watercolour painting but now i’m trying hard to master it as i love how it look so much!) Anyway, here is my Copic markers and refills.

Copic Markers

I can explain why i have many of them. It’s cheaper to buy the whole set (if you can afford one). So, i got 2 sets of Ciao marker which is a quite cheaper than the Sketch one. (Please check the Copic Marker Official Website for more details: Apart from the Copic which is very established in the market, there are other brands of alcohol based marker like Touch markers, Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers and Neopiko markers. Those markers are not cheap. I would like to try them out but i guess i have to stick to what i’ve already got at this point! (I need to focus more on watercolour too.) Now i’m trying my best to improve my art skills. Here are some example of my artworks (that i like).

The Singer She-ra bunny

As you can see, i have two very different styles (both colouring with Copic markers). I used to be confused about which one to keep before i took a Manga Illustration Course. My art teacher told me that i should keep them both because they represented me and who i am. I was learning to be an economist (with a Bachelor of Economics and two master degrees related to economics) but i won’t give up on art! 😀

Word of Advice: “Do what you love, Love what you do”



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